The first time he did it, the special legislative session called by Gov. Tony Evers lasted less than a minute.

Republicans had no intention of discussing gun control issues. Less than a week later, Evers has told a Milwaukee television station it is possible he will call another special session. He says he could call it “a hundred times to punish them,” meaning the lawmakers. The Democratic governor wants to discuss red flag laws and universal background checks.

Assembly falls short of votes to pass stiffened penalties for drunken drivers

Republican leaders in the Wisconsin Assembly failed to get the Democratic votes they needed to pass a bill increasing the penalties for repeat drunk drivers.

Democrats say they objected because the legislation didn’t include funding for treatment. The bill would have increased the minimum prison time for a fifth or sixth offense from six to 18 months. Democrats say without the treatment people would just spend 18 months in jail, then come out and drive drunk again.

Evers still fuming over ag secretary rejection

Gov. Tony Evers was pretty mad when the Republican-dominated Senate rejected his agriculture secretary nominee last week.

He’s still not over it and earlier statements about civility in public life seem to be shoved aside. While talking to staffers in the ag-department last Thursday Evers was quoted as saying the firing of Brad Pfaff was “amoral and stupid,” adding “We can’t let the bastards keep us from doing our good work.” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald accused Evers of being “shockingly disrespectful” to Republicans. An Evers spokesperson says the governor isn’t going to apologize.

Baldwin: Johnson needs to decide on impeachment recusal

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin says her Republican colleague needs to decide whether it is appropriate for him to recuse himself in the event of an impeachment trial.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says said he won’t recuse himself despite his involvement in the Ukraine issues which are at the center of the investigation in the House. Democrat Baldwin says Johnson has to decide if he would be violating an oath lawmakers have taken to be impartial if there is an impeachment trial. She says she hasn’t decided whether she would vote to convict Trump and won’t until she sees all the evidence.

Former executive director of NAMI-Wisconsin charged with theft

The former executive director of the Wisconsin chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness is being charged with theft.

Forty-year-old Jessica Gruneich is accused of using a NAMI-Wisconsin credit card to make a number of personal purchases, including hotel rooms, rental cars, moving expenses and restaurant bills. The Madison-based nonprofit contacted police earlier this year and an investigation was started. Gruneich faces nearly 20 charges, including misappropriation of personal identifying materials and felony theft. NAMI tries to help people recover who are affected by mental illness.