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Nothing to like about president

It is hard to understand why the nation can elect a person as president of the United States who actually has done nothing. His two years as U.S. senator brought no results, and when he was in the Illinois Senate, he voted "present" about 150 times because he did not want to take any sides on the issues before that body.

I don't like Barack Obama and don't expect him to succeed. His background is that of a conniving machine-oriented politician who conned and swindled his way into politics, associated with unrepentant terrorists (William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn) and made deals with swindlers (Antoin Rezkow) and crooked politicians (Rod Blagojevich).

Obama has no idea that what our country needs is lower taxes, removal of unfunded mandates and cancellation of 90 percent of unconstitutional spending programs.

His first act was to close Gitmo within a year, not knowing where the prisoners would go.

Obama said he was going to change things in Washington, but he has all of Bill Clinton's cronies in his Cabinet. He has appointed a person to head IRS who didn't pay taxes for eight years when he knew what they were because he was told by his employer.

Then he has an attorney general who served under Clinton and who got pardons for 16 Puerto Rican terrorists. He also got a pardon for a multimillionaire who also evaded taxes and who is now in exile in Europe. This person's wife gave thousands to Clinton's political fund.

I do not believe it is possible for a person to say he is a Christian when he supports a political party that kills babies by abortion and partial-birth abortion. They should talk to their priest or minister.