Don't be surprised to see a TV commercial about the northern Wisconsin man whose Chevy pick-up lasted 1 million miles.

Frank Oresnik of Catawba made national news when his 1991 Silverado was about 1,200 miles short of the milestone.

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He reached it last Friday near Fond du Lac. Chevy's public relations and advertising people filmed the occasion.

National Public Radio got the scoop, too.

Oresnik was speaking live at the time to Robert Siegel of the show All Things Considered. CBS interviewed him earlier that day.

The Silverado had 41,000 miles when Oresnik bought it in 1996.

He credits regular maintenance for the truck's long life. It's had about 300 oil changes between business trips.

Oresnik delivers steaks and seafood throughout the Upper Midwest. He says General Motors and the Shell Oil have thought about buying the historic vehicle.