Two incumbents are running un-opposed for positions on the St. Croix Central School Board in the April 1 elections.

John Hueg and David Olsen will be on the ballots for the position.


Hueg will be running for his second term. He has been on the School Board for three years.

There are several issues Hueg views as important for the District to consider, and chief among them is student success.

"You always need to be looking at student achievement, and how well the students are succeeding," Hueg said.

According to Hueg, one of the ways to achieve student success is to have a strong support system underneath them, including teachers and facilities.

With several District teachers nearing retirement age, Hueg says it is important to select from a good pool of new teachers to help move the District in a positive direction.

"It's important to focus on transitioning those teachers (retiring) with new ones, so we will continue to have excellence in the District," Hueg said.

Hueg also says it is important to regard facilities as an integral piece of keeping the District moving in the right direction.

"We have to keep our eye on the ball for the best application of our facilities to help educate our kids," Hueg said.

Lastly, Hueg says that the involvement of the community with the School District is important in achieving high standards for students.

"We have to find ways to better communicate with everybody in the community," Hueg said. "Everybody in the community has a stake in the betterment of our kids."


Olsen has lived in Roberts for more than six years and graduated from St. Croix Central School District in 1989. He has been on the School Board for nearly three years, and is completing his first term of office.

Olsen sees the search for a new superintendent as one of the most important decisions the Board will face.

"It's (superintendent selection) one of the most important positions that we will fill in the near future and it will affect this district for years to come," Olsen said.

Another important element effecting the St. Croix Central School District is the loss of several teachers and staff members to retirement.

"We need to be very careful in selecting the staff to fill those positions to ensure that we chose people with the same integrity, dedication and passion of the people that are leaving," Olsen said.

Growth in the District is another factor that Olsen sees as an important need to address.

"We just had one of the largest kindergarten round-ups that we've ever had," Olsen said. "We love the fact that families are choosing St. Croix Central. We need to work out the best solution to deal with the increasing size of the student body."

Over the course of his tenure on the School Board, Olsen has served on several committees, such as the Building Committee, during the Elementary School addition and the Middle School remodeling project. Olsen has also served on the Negotiations Committee during staff contract negotiations.