Tragedy was narrowly averted at the Lakefront Park beach in Hudson Wednesday evening when a three-year-old girl who wandered into deep water was spotted floating face-down in time to save her life.

"Somebody had an angel watching over them," St. Croix EMS Chief Eric Christensen said of the rescue. "They were very, very lucky."

According to a Hudson Police Department report, the girl was at the beach with her father, Nicholas A. Amey, 27, of Stillwater, Minn. They were part of a group of friends and family members who were there with their children.

The report says a member of the party noticed something floating in the water, realized it was the girl, and went to her rescue.

Someone in the party called 911. The St. Croix County Emergency Communications Center received the call at 7:02 p.m.

"According to the bystanders, she was unresponsive initially, but then she came around," Christensen said.

He said she resumed breathing and consciousness on her own.

"I don't think she was under for very long," Christensen said.

St. Croix EMS rushed the girl to Children's Hospital in St. Paul. The police report says she was taken there as a precaution because she had taken in water.

Christensen said Thursday morning that he hadn't received any updates on the girl's condition. He also didn't know whether she is still in the hospital.