Charges have been filed in a second county against Charles Witzel Jr., the Loganville man accused of killing two people in a jealous rage over an ex-girlfriend.

Prosecutors in Iowa County filed charges of homicide, attempted homicide and vehicle theft Thursday. They said Witzel, 42, entered the Mineral Point home of Casey Finley, his ex-lover's current boyfriend, and waited two hours for him to get home last Friday.

Then, he allegedly shot and wounded Casey Finley, and killed his brother Craig Finley. Witzel then reportedly stole Casey's vehicle after the shootings.

Casey said he played dead to avoid being shot again.

This happened a week after Witzel allegedly killed Craig Severson in Cross Plains, and wounded that victim's fiancée.

Authorities said Witzel's girlfriend had an affair with Severson and it caused her to break up with Witzel about a year ago.

He faces homicide and attempted homicide charges in Dane County for that case.

Witzel's lawyer says there's talk about consolidating the charges in one county.

Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard says that typically happens only when there's a settlement. And he won't comment on that possibility.