The Village of Star Prairie will continue to work on plans to add a second river crossing for its water system.

The Village Board was recently informed that its current water main, which is attached to the County Road M bridge, could be in danger of failure due to a support problem.

One of the brackets holding the water main up has disconnected from the bridge. That water main is the only pipe providing clean water to homes and businesses on the west side of the river. A temporary repair job was done to the existing pipe to avoid additional problems over the next couple months.

Village Engineer Jim DeBenedet with Stevens Engineers Inc. provided an update on the water system issue at the Board's meeting Nov. 11.

DeBenedet said there is a good chance that the Village can secure a grant to help pay a portion of the cost for the new water main.

He is currently gathering cost estimates for the work. If eventually approved, the second water main would extend under the river bed from River Island Park to the intersection of First Street and Mill Avenue.

Once the new main is in place, the old water main would be taken out of service and the brackets would be repaired. Then the old water main would be placed back into service, giving water customers a back-up source for water in case of problems with one line.

DeBenedet said the Village Board decided to delay further investigation into a new well and pump house, which was recommended in a previous water system study. A possible additional water tower was also tabled, due to current economic conditions, DeBenedet said.