Legal Notice


circuit COURT

St. Croix COUNTY

summons and complaint

Small claims

Case No. 09SC542

Claim Under Dollar Limit 31001

Eviction 31004

Applegate, INc.

PO Box 32

New Richmond WI, 54017



ruben delgado mendoza

540 Spring St. #C5

Somerset, WI 54025



To the Defendant(s):

You are being sued as described below. If you wish to dispute this matter:

1. You must appear at the time and place stated;

2. You may file a written answer on or before the date and time stated. (A duplicate copy must be provided to the plaintiff/attorney.)

If this box is checked, in addition to filing a written answer, you must also personally appear at the date and time stated.

If you do not appear, a judgment may be granted to the plaintiff.

When to Appear

Date: 4/21/09

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Place to Appear:

St. Croix County Courthouse

1101 Carmichael Rd.

Hudson, WI 54016

Plaintiff's Demand:

The plaintiff states the following claim against the defendant(s):

1. Plaintiff demands judgment for:

  • Money $480.00
  • Eviction

Unpaid Rents, Late Fees, Utilities, Pet Fees, Court Costs, Etc.