A 4-year-old boy sat in a wheelchair Tuesday for the first time since he was rescued from a burning SUV in Milwaukee.

David Harper was saved July 19 after his parents' vehicle crashed on a north side street. David talked this week for the first time since the mishap.

His mother and sister from Tennessee escaped serious injury, but David was trapped until two off-duty Milwaukee firefighters and an off-duty police officer saved him.

The rescue was videotaped by a bystander and was shown on TV newscasts and YouTube.

David Harper suffered burns to his back, face, scalp and extremities.

He's expected to spend months of treatment at Milwaukee Children's Hospital before he goes back home.

The One Hartland charity has been raising money for David's care and family members have raised about $35,000 so far. They have a Web site called HelpingDavid.com which provides updates on his condition and a place to donate.