Armed with colorful cutouts of hands, students at Paperjack Elementary took a hike Friday -- all as a way of raising money and awareness for earthquake victims in Haiti.

Each students was challenged to find a sponsor for their "Helping Hands" walk from Paperjack Elementary to to Highway 65. The goal was to raise $1 per student, or about $260.

Students left the building at 1:30 p.m. Friday chanting things like "Helping Haiti" along their journey. Several passersby honked their horns in support. One sheriff's deputy even rang his siren in support of the students' cause.

Kindergartners through second grade hiked to the maintenance shop on East 11th Street. Third through fifth grade hiked down East 11th Street, jumped across the street at Paperjack Park then followed the trail along Paperjack Creek to Highway 65.

After the walk, students challenged Hillside Elementary, Starr Elementary, New Richmond Middle School and New Richmond High School to do the same.

"If that is successful we will challenge every school district in Wisconsin to raise the equivalent of $1 per student," according to the Helping Hands flyer. "Think of what a difference we can make!"