The Woodbury City Council honored the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce at its Aug. 9 meeting to recognize the chamber's 20th anniversary this year.

The Woodbury Chamber of Commerce acts as a network of businesses in the community, bringing together business professionals and welcoming them in the community. Each month the Chamber hosts a networking event in which new and seasoned professionals can meet and discuss business issues.

"As far as what sets us apart from other chambers, I think the biggest thing would be we are purely a volunteer-driven organization. Outside of Nancy (Kennedy) running the day-to-day operations on a part-time basis, all events, gatherings, etc. are chaired and organized by individuals who are strictly volunteering their time," said Tim Fallon, Woodbury Chamber of Commerce president. "Other Chambers of our size and even smaller often times have a full-time staff of two or three people."

The Chamber of Commerce also works with the city council to keep them informed of issues pertaining to local business.

"The Woodbury Chamber tries to be the voice of business in Woodbury," mayor Bill Hargis said. "For the most part we are very well advised by them."

The annual Woodbury Days Country Mile is marking its 25th anniversary this year. It is now a chamber-sponsored event. The marathon gained its name through history as it originally began with a run in what was then rural Woodbury of a "country mile."

"At that time it was a smaller event consisting of only about 250 residents," chamber representative Kim Schneider told the council.

The chamber took over organization of the Woodbury Days event shortly after its formation.

Presently, the Country Mile, which will be held Sunday Aug. 27, draws over 1,100 participants. A one-mile fun run for children and families is offered as well as a half marathon and 5K run/walk.

"People can register on Friday or Saturday of the event," Schneider said. "There are a number of volunteer opportunities as well."

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