Woodbury Days, our city's annual community-sized party, is about to be unleashed again. Starting Friday, Aug. 25, a weekend of family fun, food fellowship and fantastic fireworks will make its yearly reappearance at Ojibway Park.

If there's one bit of information derived from previous Woodbury Days to keep in mind regarding what to expect at this year's celebration, it's probably this: A lot of people are going to be concentrated pretty much in one spot over the next few days.

Fortunately, Woodbury Days doesn't attract the festive crush of humanity traditionally present at a Mardi Gras week in New Orleans. Likewise, attendees of Woodbury's premier event are generally better behaved than the raucous revelers in Louisiana.

A lion's share of the credit for making and keeping Woodbury Days family-friendly must go to the event's organizers and volunteers. All the planning and labor that goes into this celebration clearly pays off and this year's edition will be no exception. A quick look at the Woodbury Days schedule of events reinforces that point, because there seems to be something for every visitor to enjoy over the course of the three-day bash.

Participants can satisfy their appetites with the Taste of Woodbury's varied culinary delights. They can stimulate their sense of hearing by taking in one or more of the musical acts. For the sports-inclined, there will be a number of sporting events to observe: tennis and hockey tournaments, sand volleyball, the bike ride and the Country Mile run.

There'll also be a Business Fair, a Custom Car Show, Woodbury Days' Grande Parade and a fireworks show to enjoy.

And if that's not enough, carnival rides, a petting zoo and games will be available for Woodbury Days patrons.

Another fact gleaned by experience from past celebrations is that many of the people who partake of Woodbury Days don't reside in Woodbury. It is these folks who are in a position to best see how Woodbury Days makes our city shine.

So while you're traversing the various venues and attractions of Woodbury Days, keep in mind that you, too, are a feature of the festival. As unofficial ambassadors of the community, your behavior is also what makes Woodbury Days great each year.

See you at Woodbury Days!

Eighmy can be reached at editor@woodburybulletin.com.