Your neighbors give their opinions on the school boundary issue.

"It's not fair to split up schools. It seems odd to have Cottage Grove and Woodbury kids in the same school."

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-- Oltman Junior High student, Breanna Baker

Supports: UNKNOWN

"In some of the plans, current sixth graders will be going to four different schools in four years... I don't mind a little change, but this is ridiculously insane."

-- Sixth grader Kilian Wilson, Bailey's Arbor


"I'm already nervous at going to junior high; this makes me even more nervous... I feel I would get moved too much if you guys would choose the white plan."

-- Sixth grader Sammy Warwick


"I feel that one of the things that they have outlined in their guidelines was to keep the neighborhoods contiguous, to keep the kids together as much as possible and the fact that our neighborhood is essentially cut in half just seems like such an oversight."

-- Jennifer Clemens, Stonemill Farms

Supports: RED PLAN

"Please select the plan with the least number of exceptions, which is the red plan. It will keep as many of the children together as possible as they make the difficult transition to middle school."

-- Tricia McCarthy, Bailey's Arbor

Supports: RED PLAN

"The district is working on getting children closer to their schools, but in some of the plans for us you are increasing it to a very considerable bus ride."

-- Sean Smith, Brighton's Landing

Supports: WHITE PLAN

"My request would be to consider a soft boundary across all the plans to consider all those walkers who are two miles or less [from a school]. I would like to think... we can promote the health and exercise and the well-being of our children."

-- Tod Johnson, Colby Lake

Supports: UNKNOWN

"You are turning walkers into bus-ers and we are being moved three schools away. I don't think it's appropriate to solve a problem by making a problem for someone else."

-- Twyla Kadela, Highland Heights

Supports: WHITE PLAN

"Our daughter would be a walker to East Ridge but the issue becomes one of associations and most of her friends live in [nearby neighborhoods] and they will go to Woodbury High School and she will go to East Ridge if plan A is not chosen."

-- Andrew and Linda Akridge


"Please take into consideration keeping neighborhoods together and also the transportation costs. We walk to Lake Junior High but would now be bused to Woodbury Junior High. You have basically pulled two little sections of a large piece of a neighborhood."

-- Rosie Dzubak, Highland Heights

Supports: WHITE PLAN

"We seem to be the well you keep coming to. We were called the donut hole for a time because our kids kept being moved from school to school."

-- Mark Gryzwa, Copper Oaks


"We moved to Woodbury to be part of the community. We go to church here, we go to the gym here and we do sports here, and we just want our children to go to school here. We live in Woodbury and we chose to be part of Woodbury. We understand that the school district encompasses four areas, but they have each got very different personalities and we just want to be part of Woodbury."

-- Anne Burt, Bailey's Arbor


"My kids are coming home from Lake Junior High and are talking about all the feelings that the kids have. It has trickled down from the parents involved in this process to the students and they are comparing it almost to West Side Story -- the Jets versus the Sharks. To me, it's very sad that we are splitting the community in this way."

-- Kris Tott, Lake Place


"I have been the PTA president [at Middleton] for two years. I have sweat blood for that school. Do you think, after all that, I want to put my kids on a bus to Royal Oaks? We are vested in this school."

-- Dana Misner, Brighton's Landing

Supports: WHITE PLAN

"Community is not defined by who you go to school with. Those are six hours out of your day. On our block, there are kids who go to private school and there are kids on the next block who go to school in Stillwater. They are all still friends and go to church and do sports together."

-- Michelle Witte, Lake Place


"My family and I are just the same as so many other families/residents of Woodbury. When deciding to move here, we did a lot of research into what kind of community we wanted to be a part of. We specifically rejected other nearby cities because we did not want our child to be bused to schools outside of the community."

-- Cathy Hickman, Bailey's Arbor

Supports: BLUE PLAN

"I think this is setting them up to be outcasts, especially if they are into sports, they are probably going to be competing against kids from their neighborhood and that's not going to do much for the situation. It affects property values, as well. If I knew that nothing was going to change, I wouldn't buy my house. It's going to kill our property values."

-- Bob Haen, Stonemill Farms

Supports: RED PLAN

"Our school is ground zero. The change is on the backs of the students at Middleton and our children will bear the brunt of it."

-- Ann Smith, Brighton's Landing

Supports: WHITE PLAN

"If the red plan is chosen, my kid would go to Lake in seventh grade, Woodbury Middle School in eighth grade and to a high school in ninth. He would go to three schools in three years."

-- Tammy Stokes, Brighton's Landing

Supports: WHITE PLAN

"The kids play in the neighborhood together all summer long. We see the kids grow in the community and develop friends and they start to do that over the summer. But at the end of the summer, that all ends when they have to move away from their friends in the neighborhood [to go to school]."

-- Marshal Urbanz, Stonemill Farms

Supports: RED PLAN