The 18-year-old Woodbury man accused last month of plotting to kill a nearby resident was charged with attempted murder Sept. 3.

The Washington County Attorney's Office added the new charge to a criminal complaint against Andrew Busskohl that already included charges of first-degree attempted burglary and aggravated harassment in connection with an attempted break in to a home on the 3800 block of Oxford Drive. The latest charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

According to a criminal complaint, Busskohl told a friend he had a plan to murder a person at random.

The friend contacted police and, in a search of Busskohl's vehicle, Woodbury police found evidence that they believed pointed to his plan to target a man who lived at the residence he admitted he broke a window at on Aug. 6.

The attempted murder charge comes after officials in the Washington County Attorney's office said last month they didn't expect to file additional charges.

Although Busskohl appeared to have had a plan to murder the targeted victim, he didn't take enough substantial steps to be charged with a more serious crime.

But this week county attorney Doug Johnson said the latest charge is not something he issued lightly.

"We were always uncomfortable that we didn't issue this in the first place," Johnson said Monday. "We had done a little more research and we decided to charge it.

"We'll make the argument in court that it's an issue the jury should decide whether or not what this man did was a substantial act toward completion of a murder."

The Aug. 11 criminal complaint stated Busskohl told his friend he planned to break a window at the home of the targeted victim one night and would return the next night to "either stab the potential victim in the chest or slash his throat" and then either cut off the eye lids of the victim or cut out his heart.

He said he planned to go to an unknown location in Woodbury and burn the evidence with acetone, the complaint stated.

In an interview with Woodbury police, Busskohl acknowledged he broke out a pane of glass from the patio window at the residence on Aug. 6.

When asked by investigators what he was planning to do in connection to the incident, he answered "perhaps cause harm unto a complete stranger."

He also told police that "Not even I'm sure if I would have gone through with it."

In a follow-up interview with police Busskohl said that on early Aug. 6 he stood outside the window of the residence for a long period of time before breaking the window.

According to the complaint he said he was "very scared after breaking the window and believed that he would not have come back to the home to finish the act, but when police asked him that before he broke the window it was his intent to come back to harm the man who lived there, he answered, 'yes.'"

Busskohl graduated from Woodbury High School in June. When he was 13, he received a heart transplant that was publicized in the Woodbury Bulletin and other Twin Cities media.

He had recently been profiled by KSTP upon his graduation as a follow-up to a story the television news outlet did five years ago.