Could a Bailey Elementary student be the next Columbus or Magellan? Well, time will only tell, but sixth grade student Chris Murphy, from Valerie Lehman's class, took home the title at the Bailey Elementary Geography Bee on Jan. 12.

"It is a great opportunity to build on student interest of geography and what they are learning in the classrooms," Nicci Pribyl, fifth grade teacher and Geography Bee organizer, said of the event.

"Most students like to learn about places that are different from where we live now and I think some students who have been able to travel around the country or the world like it because they learn more about the places they may have visited."

Murphy competed against nine other students from fourth, fifth and sixth grade classes to take the top spot by answering questions about locations and state information. After three missed answers, a student is eliminated.

"The geography bee provides students who are strong in this area a fun way to show what they know," Pribyl said.

Murphy walked away with a medal from the National Geographic Society, as well as a chance to move on to the state championship.