Work begins next week to remove soil contaminated with perfluorochemicals from a former 3M waste site in southeast Woodbury.

3M officials said Thursday they will begin the excavation portion of a remediation project on the 40-acre landfill east of Woodbury Drive and south of Dale Road. Soil removal is concentrated in two areas totaling about 2 acres.

The company used the former municipal and industrial dump site from 1960 to 1966 to dispose waste from its Cottage Grove chemolite plant. That waste contained perfluorochemicals, or PFCs.

Dirt hauling probably will not begin until the week after Labor Day. Crews on Monday will begin removing the clean top soil, conducting survey work and moving equipment to the site.

Large trucks will haul most of the contaminated soil to SKB Disposal in Rosemount.

3M's remediation plan was approved by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. That plan includes a well system to contain groundwater at the site, which already is in place and will continue to be used after the excavation.

3M must pay for the remediation; officials could not say how much that will cost.

Bill Nelson, 3M's environmental communications manager, said the company will spend whatever is needed to properly clean the site.

"Our goal is an effective clean-up," Nelson said.

See the Sept. 2 print edition of the Woodbury Bulletin for a full story.