Jeremy Jenkins, 34, has spent much of professional career working in public service in one form or another.

"I've always been very aware that I'm working with other people's money and it's not something that I'm entitled to," he said. "The idea of stewardship is something I try to practice every day."

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Jenkins said he decided to run for the open seat on the Woodbury City Council because he thought his experience and skills would help him do a good job.

Jenkins said he's not coming into the election with any type of agenda.

"I'm not running in response to anything or a specific question," he said. "I didn't feel an urgent need for radical change."

However, Jenkins said he wants Woodbury to focus on the future and what it can be.

"The overall theme that I see from the city is the need to keep a focus on the long term," he said. "There are certainly a lot of short term challenges that face the city, but you shouldn't get caught up so much in the moment that you lose sight of the big picture."

One of the biggest issues that always faces the City Council is taxes and budget cuts.

Jenkins said if he were on the council and was to be faced with budget cuts, he said he would look at the scope of services for possible cuts.

For example, he said he would look at possibly cutting City Hall hours, look at maintenance costs and even the city newsletter.

However, Jenkins said he doesn't want to cut too much.

"We can't strangle the city that has been built because at a certain point, the city you are trying to serve is just crumbling around you," he said. "I'm really motivated by the idea that Woodbury is a good place to call home and I think it should continue to be a good place to call home."

Jeremy Jenkins

Age: 34

Occupation: Chief administrative officer for the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Family: Married, one two-year-old daughter

Woodbury resident: Four years

Civic Involvement: President of the Quarry Ridge Homeowners Association, member of the Washington County Mental Health Advisory Committee.