The national Spending Revolt Tour, holding a series of Tea Party rallies across Wisconsin this week, made stops in Hudson, Eau Claire and Wausau.

The tour is sponsored by the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity.

Singer Krista Branch performed her anthem "I Am America" for a crowd of 200 people at the tour's stop in Wausau, which also featured an appearance by Samuel Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber.

"Right now we have the minority running the majority. That makes no sense to me. How did that happen? You know, 70-80% of Americans identify themselves as Christian."

Republican candidates at the event included Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and David King, who's running for secretary of state.

King -- an African American -- bristled at the suggestion that the Tea Party movement attracts racists.

"I'm an African American? Wow, I just thought I was an American. You know, I'm sick of them using the race card because any time we stand up for what we believe in, we're racist, prejudiced."

In an interview at the rally, the national president of Americans for Prosperity Tim Phillips defended his group's big corporate donors, including billionaire founders David and Charles Koch.

"I'm proud to have them involved. They're guys who've gone out and worked hard, earned a good living and built a good company. I'm proud to have their support, you bet I am."

When asked about the characterization of Americans for Prosperity as a shill for corporate interests, Phillips countered:

"The biggest corporate interests are supporting President Obama and Nancy Pelosi's agenda. Pharma, the pharmaceutical industry, gave over $100 million to push through the health care takeover plan. Almost all the big utility companies signed off on cap and trade."

Phillips predicted that the Democrats would lose control of Congress in the November elections.