MILWAUKEE -- A woman in Milwaukee was arrested after a drunken driving crash with 11 kids in her vehicle.

Five of the youngsters were hurt and were taken to Milwaukee Children's Hospital. Their conditions were not immediately disclosed.

The crash happened Saturday afternoon on an off-ramp from I-43 in downtown Milwaukee.

Sheriff's deputies said the 32-year-old woman struck a barrier wall, and her vehicle landed on its roof. Her blood alcohol level was .16 - twice the legal limit for drunk driving.

Seven of the 11 kids in the vehicle were hers. The six who were not injured were released to family members.


Birthday blast ends with injuries, felony charges

CUMBERLAND -- A northwest Wisconsin man has been charged with three felonies after balloons that he was filling with gas exploded and burned an 18-year-old woman.

Chad Schullo, 26, of Cumberland is under a $5,000 bond on charges of negligent handling of explosives, reckless injury and possessing explosives for an unlawful purpose.

According to Barron County authorities, Schullo filled the balloons with acetylene gas. He planned to light them in front of a roommate's window to celebrate that person's 21st birthday May 31.

He reportedly gave the balloons to Amanda Sarauer, 18, of Bloomer to hold, and they exploded in her hand. She suffered major hearing damage plus burns to her chest, neck and head.

Schullo is due back in court Friday when a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to order a trial.


Camp director accused of embezzling, taping girls in shower

RHINELANDER -- A former camp director of Camp Fire USA in Oneida County is accused of videotaping young girls in a shower and embezzling over $40,000.

Investigators say Jeremy Fadoul, 32, of Rhinelander connected the camp's bank account with a PayPal account and illegally withdrew the money.

When investigators searched his home, they found videos on his computer showing camp girls in the shower. Some had bathing suits on and some didn't.

Fadoul is charged with a pair of felonies: theft from a business setting and distributing nude recordings. If he is convicted on the felony charges, he could be sentenced to up to 13 years in prison.

He is due back in court June 29 when a judge will decide if there's enough evidence to order a trial.


Hail hit this morning in parts of state

Southern and western Wisconsin had a big hail storm this morning, and more could be on the way.

Two and three-quarter inch hail - almost the size of a softball - fell around 6 a.m. near North Freedom in Sauk County. Baseball-sized hail fell near Reedsburg. Smaller hail was reported at Fort McCoy and near Mauston and Baraboo.

The National Weather Service posted a severe thunderstorm watch for west central and south central Wisconsin until 10 a.m., and there's a chance of storms elsewhere in Wisconsin throughout the day as a new warm front moves in.

Temperatures of 90-plus are expected to continue in southern Wisconsin for the next three days, along with occasional thunderstorms in various parts of the state through Wednesday. Cooler and less humid weather is expected on Thursday.

Much of the state had its first 90-degree day of the season last Friday.


Only one Madison bus driver made over $100,000 last year

Madison's highest-paid city employee is no longer a bus driver.

The Wisconsin State Journal said only one Metro Transit driver got enough overtime last year to make over $100,000.

In 2009, seven bus drivers had six-figure salaries. One of them, John Nelson, had the largest income of all with $159,000. Nelson still managed to get $114,000 this past year, but that was only the 37th-highest in Madison's city government.

The transit system cracked down after the State Journal exposed 2009's huge salaries. The bus system now has more flexibility to use part-timers. The system has also tightened the rules for drivers getting extra work, and it is making employees work while they're suspended.

Last year's top salary went to someone you might expect - former Planning and Economic Development Director Mark Olinger, who got $168,000 after cashing in unused vacation and sick pay.

The city's finance director got the second highest pay, and the police chief was third.


Feingold may run for Kohl's Senate seat

Seven months after voters removed him from the U.S. Senate, Democrat Russ Feingold says he might ask them to send him back.

He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he'll decide by Labor Day whether he'll run for Wisconsin's other Senate seat, to be given up by Democrat Herb Kohl next year.

Feingold said he's also been approached about running for governor - either next year, if Scott Walker goes up for a recall vote or in 2014 when the next scheduled governor's contest takes place.

Feingold said he has not decided which office would be more appealing or winnable, and his first decision is whether or not to return to the political arena at all.

After 28 years in the state and U.S. senates, Feingold said a break from politics is healthy for him right now. He's been teaching at Marquette University, writing a book and running a liberal political group called "Progressives United."

A recent survey by the Public Policy Polling firm showed that Feingold is easily the most popular Democrat in the state. Seventy percent preferred him over seven other possible Democratic hopefuls for Kohl's seat.


Hotels offer gas cards to lure travelers

Some of Wisconsin's hotels are helping their visitors keep their gas tanks full.

About 30 members of the state's Hotel and Lodging Association are offering travelers gas cards of $25 to $50, depending on how long they stay. And officials say more hotels will offer the cards as the summer goes on.

With gas prices heading toward $4 -gallon again, hotel owners are trying to keep their rooms as full as possible.

Association president Trisha Pugal hopes the gas card promotion will encourage travelers to go a little farther and longer than they might otherwise. Pugel said Wisconsin hotels saw less than a 2% increase in business last year, and there are already signs of growth for this year.

The gas card promotions end Aug. 31. You can get more information online at


World's largest airship will visit Oshkosh

The world's largest flying airship will come to Oshkosh next month.

The Zeppelin NT will arrive July 22 and will stay for the EAA's AirVenture Show July 25-31.

The Zeppelin is 15 feet longer than a normal Boeing 747. It holds one pilot, a flight attendant and up to a dozen passengers. It's called the Farmers Airship, and the Oshkosh appearance is part of a nationwide tour this summer.

This Zeppelin is the fourth and most recent Zeppelin NT to be built.

You can fly in it, but you better bring some money. A 45-minute flight will cost $399 a person.