A new proposal making its way through the legislative process aims to prevent kids from being left on school buses, causing unnecessary stress on families and maybe even the death of the child.

Rep. Mike Sheridan, D-Janesville, says he drafted this bill after one of his constituents lost her job as a bus driver because of accidentally leaving a kid on the bus.

He recalls the tragedy of June 2005, when Asia Jones, 2, of Milwaukee died after being left alone in a daycare van that was later estimated to have reached 128 degrees.

The bill requires school buses to be equipped with an electronic seat check reminder system, which sounds an alarm when the driver turns off the ignition switch and exits the bus. It could only be turned off by a switch at the back of the bus, so drivers would be required to walk through the bus, looking for children.

The equipment would cost $50 to $60 per unit, and school districts would be required to pick up the cost.