Your editorial seems to follow the crowd in blaming the Sierra Club for the delays in the Stillwater Bridge.

However, I think everyone seems to miss the real culprit, MnDOT.

In the time that the Stillwater Bridge has been discussed, there have been two new bridges built across the St. Croix, at Hudson and another at Prescott. A second bridge at Hudson was expanded.

At no time during the Hudson projects was there any complaining or lawsuits. In fact, these projects were completed in record time. The difference was that WisDOT followed the rules.

The key rule that MnDOT keeps thumbing its collective nose at, is that new bridges, powerlines etc. are to be built in the same corridor.

The idea was to keep the impacts of various crossings from expanding up and down the river. As the example at Hudson shows, new bridges can be built.

The second issue with MnDOT is that they seem to have no creativity in designing highway solutions for difficult situations. I find that in many other areas of the country, highways are built on much smaller footprints than typically MnDOT uses.

What we need is for our elected officials to take this project out of MnDOT's hands and hire some more creative highway designers from outside this area. Have them come up with designs that follow the riverway rules and give us four lanes across the river.

My guess is that we will see some better solutions than what has been proposed so far, and a project will be designed that will actually get built. Otherwise, we will still be arguing 20 years from now and still not have a new bridge.