Here's a case Judge Judy could have stewed over.

Two women were in Portage County Circuit Court Wednesday, each claiming to be the owner of two macaws.

Bettina Nowicki of Plover bought the birds three years ago but she didn't want to keep them in a cage while she ran her day care business.

So a pet store referred her to Cynthia Hummel of Stevens Point. She agreed to take them until Nowicki could find a better way to house them.

Three years later, Nowicki finally asked for the macaws back. But by then, they were such a big part of Hummel's family, she felt she was entitled to keep them.

Hummel said Nowicki should have solved her problem much earlier and in the meantime her family spent almost $10,000 to care for the birds.

John Finn, circuit judge, awarded them to the original buyer. He said Nowicki would have sold them if she wanted to give them up.

The judge also rejected a claim to make Nowicki pay Hummel's expenses.