Code Red

Woodbury City Council approved an agreement with Washington County for providing a mass emergency notification system, also known as Code Red.

System costs will be covered by Washington County, which is a $15,000 saving to Woodbury, according to a city report.

The city saw a need to communicate with the public in a timely fashion during emergency and non-emergency situations.

Washington County had provided a phone emergency mass notification system for all county residents until 2007.

But when that ended, the city has been without a mass system and staff needed to regain that option.

"If a tanker truck rolls on I-94, we're not just concerned about alerting Woodbury," City Administrator Clint Gridley said at a recent joint meeting with Washington County Commissioners.

Debt write-off

The council approved a $5,257 debt write-off to the Woodbury Sports Foundation.

The organization had borrowed money from the city in 1999 to install lockers at Bielenberg Sports Center.

The balance principal of about $20,000 has been paid, however the organization still owed interest on the loan.

Woodbury Sports Foundation went through some changes in leadership, said Laura Kallman, co-president of the Sports Foundation who spoke to the council at a recent workshop.

The foundation was not notified of the debt it owed to the city, while city staff believed the organization no longer existed, Gridley said.

Council Member Paul Rebholz said the city should be supportive of nonprofits like the foundation, which is funded though sales of high school athletic clothing.

"You want to support things like this in the community but you need to draw bright lines," he said at a recent workshop.

Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens said the city didn't make an effort to collect the debt in the last couple of years, so it's unfair to ask for it now.

The council tabled the vote last month due to Council member Christopher Burns' absence.

He voted against the write-off at the Oct. 12 meeting.

"Loan administration of this nature is not a specialty for us," he said.

Photo contest winners

The council recognized a number of winners in this year's photo contest, which was sponsored by the city.

This year's categories were wildlife and nature; events and activities; landmarks (which included photos of architecture, buildings or cityscapes); pets and people and families. The winners are:

Reader's Choice: Mother Fox and Kissing Cub by Beth A. Kuehlwein. She received 61 votes.

Landmarks: 1. Woodbury Heritage House by Michael Dupont; 2. Country Sunset by the Oehlke Barn by Colleen Davis.

Activities: 1. Little League Slide by Dianne Towalski; 2. Cricket-winning Moment by Nancy Pretty Sargunam; 3. Pitcher Perfect by Shannon Rode.

Pets: 1. Explorations! by Janet Hartje; 2. Koi by Steven Shor; 3. Puppy BFF by Jessica Lloyd; Honorable Mention 1. Fascinating Red by Ilya Kravchik.

People: 1. Watch Out by Sandra Stephens; 2. A Girl and a Flower by Cala Iverson; 3. Puppy Kisses by Kathy Weigelt; Honorable Mention 1. The Wonder of Autumn Leaves by Qin Tang; Honorable Mention 2. Brotherly Love by Amy Curnow; Honorable Mention 3. A Rainy Day by Cala Iverson.

Nature: 1. Daybreak by Ben Ricker; 2. April Snow at the Wood Duck House by Tom Ziegler; 3. Ojibway Park Chorus Frog by Megan Jones; Honorable Mention 1. Coming in for a Landing by Nancy Ribeiro Miller; Honorable Mention 2. Purple People Pleasers by Shannon Rode; Honorable Mention 3. Reflections by Alison Schneider; Honorable Mention 4. Beetle Mania by Ron Long.