Over the past four years District 833 School Board member Leslee Boyd said she has helped see the district through some challenging issues including boundary changes, grade reconfiguration, high school schedule changes and Spanish immersion expansion.

"We have a lot of wonderful things to hang our hat on," she said.

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Boyd said she decided to file for re-election for a second term on the School Board because she feels that she is just starting to get her feet wet in terms of making an impact on District 833.

One of the items Boys is running on is requiring staff evaluations for every district employee.

Another concern for Boyd, she said, is working toward addressing the needs of students who find themselves in the middle of the pack.

"We have to find some ways to be creative in delivering our curriculum to the middle students to best meet their needs because I feel they are falling through the cracks a little bit because of the demands on the other ends of the spectrum," she said.

Other concerns that will be facing the district include budget cuts, No Child Left Behind standards and possible Spanish immersion expansion.

After going through a very contentious discussion last year related to Spanish immersion expansion, Boyd said she doesn't foresee that being brought up again in the near future.

"I would like to offer more families the option to participate in Spanish immersion, but I don't see how that would work right now," she said.

Boyd said she would not be in favor of issuing a new referendum to the taxpayers within District 833 to help cover budget costs; however, she said she would work diligently to lobby the state for additional funding.

"I know it's our state's duty to equitably fund schools and right now they're failing at that duty," she said.

Boyd said she would avoid impacting classrooms in the budgeting process, but said she would review some other areas of the system for efficiency.

Some teachers on special assignment are in classrooms, while some are not. She said that should be evaluated.

"If we are continually using a temporary solution then I suspect we aren't being as efficient as we could be in providing the services we should to our staff and students," she said.

Boyd also said there may be more efficient solutions to elementary band than having band teachers travel to multiple buildings.

In the coming year, the No Child Left Behind act is up for reauthorization and Boyd said she would like to see changes to it since a single snapshot each year does not accurately measure a student's, or a school's, progress.

"I think No Child Left Behind would benefit from taking a page out of our playbook to look at schools from a wider viewpoint," she said.

Boyd said she hopes she can continue to help make District 833 the best district it can be.

"Everyone should be working toward improving and I think I have some ideas to help make that happen," she said.

Leslee Boyd

Age: 47

City: Woodbury

Education: Bachelor's degree in mass communications from Missouri State University

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Family: Husband Shane, 19-year-old-son, 15-year-old son at East Ridge High School and 13-year-old son at Lake Middle School