City of Woodbury officials released the following statement Wednesday from City Administrator Clint Gridley:

"The city shares the community's concerns about the level of criminal activity at the Red Roof Inn. It is our intention to be in contact with the hotel management to seek to improve the situation.

"Many people think the city has broad power when it comes to regulating businesses within our community. In reality, our authority is limited. The comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance identify specific locations for various types of development (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial and retail). The Red Roof Inn is located in the B-1 'Office Park' zoning district and hotels are allowed in this district. It is a privately held business that has been operating in the city since 1981 and is a legal conforming use.

"Meantime, we will continue to use our public safety, code enforcement and community development tools to keep Woodbury a safe community to live, visit and do business."