Regular Board of Education Meeting

November 13, 2007

1. The regular meeting of the Hudson Board of Education was called to order by President Dan Tjornehoj at approximately 6:30 p.m. in the Hudson High School Media Center. Members present: Brian Bell, Tom Holland, Mark Kaisersatt, Richard Muenich and Dan Tjornehoj. Administrators in attendance included Superintendent Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten, Deputy Director Nancy Sweet, Director of Financial Services Tim Erickson, and Director of Learning Services Sandra Kovatch.

2. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

3. Bowen-Eggebraaten requested that item 9.a. "Youth Options" be changed to 9.a.4. under Consent Items and that item 10.c. 11/12/07 Policy Committee Meeting be removed from the agenda because the meeting had been rescheduled. Muenich moved, with second by Holland, to approve the agenda as amended. Motion passed 5-0.

4a. Students in fall athletics were recognized for their success in conference and state competitions in girl's golf, boy's soccer and cross country.

4b. Students from elementary, middle school and high school were recognized for their singing and dancing talents in the musical "Wizard of Oz"

4c. Adam Kowles, High School Math Teacher and Head Football Coach, was recognized for being named to the UW-River Falls Athletic Hall of Fame.

4d. Chris DeLeon, Middle School Industrial Technology Teacher, was recognized for being selected to attend the Space Academy for Educators and also for receiving the "Right Stuff" award from his peers at the academy.

(Cindy Crimmins arrives at 6:45 pm)

5. Bell moved, with second by Muenich to approve the Minutes of the October 9, 2007 Regular and Closed Session Meeting and the October 30, 2007 Special Board Meeting. Motion passed 6-0.

6. Crimmins reported the receipt of a thank you note from Dianne Franklin, a letter of apology from a student involved in the school vandalism; and read a letter from Amy Hamborg expressing her appreciation to the Board and District Administrators for their support during the fire restoration process at E.P. Rock Elementary.

7a. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten reported the Education Foundation of Hudson awarded $25,763.00 to fund 10 grants submitted by District staff members. She also noted that the Foundation changed the grant submissions to only 2 times per year (November 1 and April 1), instead of 4 times per year.

7b. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten distributed a diagram of River Crest Elementary illustrating the various sections of the building and the facilities contained in each section. She reported that the walking trail was completed; that progress is being made in the roof construction and masonry and that gas and electrical service will be installed next week. A design board was presented illustrating the exterior of River Crest Elementary, along with the building logo. Bowen-Eggebraaten explained the significance of the logo design and what it represents.

7c. Superintendent Bowen-Eggebraaten presented an update regarding the E.P. Rock fire restoration and noted the students returned to school on Monday, November 12, having missed 5 days of school. She also indicated that a waiver would be requested from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the days missed.

8a. Peg Shoemaker, Associate Director of Student Services, presented the 2007-08 professional development plan. She explained how the plan foundation is the link between research and best practices and classroom instruction; how the plan was developed; the expected outcomes; and how results will be measured.

8b. Nancy Sweet presented a student pre-expulsion/expulsion report comparing 2006-07 to the previous 12 years regarding the number of pre-expulsion conferences that were held; the expellable behaviors; and the number of students expelled (by High School, Middle School, male, female, white, non-white, and students with or without disabilities). She also outlined conclusions based on the data presented.

8c. Tim Erickson presented the 2007-08 first quarter financial update.

9a. Bell moved, with second by Crimmins, to approve consent items which included: the personnel report (Attachment A); expenditures in the amount of $2,918,379.53, receipts in the amount of $710,715.07, payroll in the amount of $1,385,691.28 and EFT/ACH payments in the amount of $3,766,304.38; accepted a gift from the Knights of Columbus in the amount of $1,012.22 to be used on behalf of students with cognitive disabilities; and approved the Youth Options requests for 2007-08 second semester. Motion passed 6-0.

9c. Crimmins moved, with second by Kaisersatt, to continue the Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) course with the recommended changes placing a higher emphasis on goal setting and career planning. A citizen spoke to the Board regarding this topic. Motion passed 5-1.

9d. The Board discussed High School, Middle School/Hudson Prairie complex physical plan assessments. No action was taken. Board consensus was to direct this back to the Facilities and Grounds Committee for further study.

10a. Kaisersatt reported that the November 5, 2007 Personnel Committee meeting was a closed session to discuss employee performance evaluation and teacher negotiations.

10b. Muenich reported regarding the November 8, 2007 Facilities & Grounds Committee meeting, noting the following topics were discussed: Status of 2007-08 district-wide facility projects; update on River Crest construction; River Crest logo design; LEED certification funding; River Crest & Camp St. Croix underpass update and funding; High School, Middle School/Hudson Prairie complex physical plant assessment; E.P. Rock fire and restoration; and school safety and security planning & assessment.

11. Two citizens spoke to the Board.

12. Board members and administrators responded to the citizens' concerns.

(Cindy Crimmins left the Board meeting at 8:45 pm)

13. Kaisersatt moved, with second by Bell, to adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85 (1) for the purpose of (c) considering performance evaluation data of an employee, and (e) discussion of bargaining of the teachers' contract. On a roll call vote, the Clerk recorded the following: Bell-yes, Holland-yes, Kaisersatt-yes, Muenich-yes, Tjornehoj-yes. Motion passed 5-0.

Cindy Crimmins, Clerk

(Pub. Dec. 20)