Two Hudson teenagers who dabbled in manufacturing pipe bombs last summer have been convicted of misdemeanor charges in St. Croix County Circuit Court.

Ryan S. Danzl, 17, 985 Fern Road, and Chaddix R. Malchow, 18, 509 Orange St., were convicted of one count each of criminal damage and disorderly conduct Wednesday (July 23). They were each sentenced to probation for two years, 50 hours of community service and fined $213.60.

Judge Scott R. Needham also ordered Danzl to complete his high school education and Malchow to continue his vocational pursuits. The charges were reduced from felony counts of possession of improvised explosives.

The criminal complaint said Malchow and Danzl were involved in manufacturing three pipe bombs. Malchow told investigators that he and Danzl got bored last summer and looked up instructions for making the bombs on the Internet.

Malchow and Danzl said they set off two bombs, including one in the Hudson Industrial Park and one at the end of Orange Street near the river. The third was discovered in Danzl's house by a family member who notified the sheriff's office on Dec. 12, according to the criminal complaint.