The public hearing scheduled for December 11, 2008, regarding the proposed adoption of the Comprehensive Plan was postponed after notice of that public hearing had been published. The earlier notice stated that the Plan Commission had recommended adoption of the Comprehensive Plan to the Town Board. That recommendation has not yet been made. It is likely that the Plan Commission will consider a draft Comprehensive Plan during the next 60 days.

All of this means that the public hearing for which notice was given last week and that was originally scheduled for December 11, 2008 will take place at a later date, and that a draft Comprehensive Plan will not be available for public review on November 10th, as the previous notice stated. A later public hearing notice will be published and copies of the draft Comprehensive Plan will be made available for public review at least 30 days in advance of that hearing, all as required by law.

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(Pub. Nov. 13)