Fifteen young people have been given citations for clubbing small animals to death, and making a game out of it.

Five juveniles, and 10 adults up to age 22 received a total of 158 citations for things like killing protected wild animals, hunting without a license, and wasting natural resources.

Ten of those cited are from Beaver Dam.

Wardens said many are high school friends who received points for accumulating dead animals, mostly raccoons and opossums.

The killings happened this past spring in Dodge and Columbia counties.

We first heard about the case in April, when some of the same people were arrested in Columbia County after being caught chasing animals with clubs-and-spotlights. Authorities said Christopher Swanke, 25, of Beaver Dam allegedly led wardens on a chase at speeds of more than 85 mph.

And officials did not know there were people in the bed of his truck at the time. Wardens said they found several bats and homemade clubs in the vehicle.