Quilters will work on Saturday in Plymouth to honor one of the last requests made by Amy Krueger, who was killed in the Fort Hood massacre.

The quilters make free camouflage blankets for U.S. troops.

And Krueger, of nearby Kiel, asked them to make 45 quilts for her unit that's going to Afghanistan.

Linda Wieck says her group will make those quilts this weekend and it will give Krueger's fellow soldiers something to remember her by.

Wieck started the Camo Quilt Project in Plymouth after she made a quilt for her son-in-law in 2006, and other soldiers soon started asking for them.

They've made almost 2,200 quilts since then, with requests for another 150. Krueger got her quilt from a relative who knew about the project.

She e-mailed her request for the others while training at Fort Hood.

The quilts are often used as blankets, pillows, and cushions in Afghanistan.

The Camo Quilt Project gets donations to buy the fabric.

Volunteers - many with relatives in the military - do the sewing.

In this case, a truck driver from Johnsonville Sausage offered to drive the 45 quilts to Texas so the troops could have them before leaving.

They'll also have cards with Krueger's picture, and a message that the quilts are given in her honor.

Because of the Fort Hood tragedy, the unit's mission has been delayed indefinitely.