This is a response to the many who keep asking me why they no longer see my opinions in the Herald and also to those who have suggested, even hinted that the editor may have given me the boot.

The truth is that my husband's illness and death took an immense toll on me. I was young when we married 65 years ago, and now I am what many would refer to as an "old bag," but I miss the Rev. everyday. We enjoyed and did so many things together and I miss every one, including our arguments.

A good friend writing of his wife expressed sentiments that could well apply to the Rev. "Your need to please others is a trait that I miss along with your smile and laughter." He concluded his Ode to Mary with, "There is no one I know who believed as you did that the world always turns toward the morning."

I am confident, however, that the Rev would have been as pleased with the results of the November election as I am.

Remembering how he loved his chess games and how he and Alice Pemble, who preceded him in death, always enjoyed their Saturday morning games together for a number of years, I hope that where they are they are still enjoying their games until one or the other chuckles and says the magic word "Checkmate," meaning the game is over and the speaker of the word checkmate is the winner.

Helene Sherman