The final quarantine was lifted Wednesday in Clark County's swine herds. That's after pseudo-rabies failed to turn up within five miles of where the disease was found late last month on a farm near Loyal.

That discovery came a few days after pseudo-rabies was confirmed in a herd with 300 pigs near Greenwood. No other cases were found near that farm, either. About 330 animals on both farms were killed last Friday.

The cases were the first in Wisconsin since 1998, and the first in the nation since 2003.

Pseudo-rabies can be spread to other animals beside pigs but it has no effect on humans. The infected farms are in the process of being disinfected, and pigs within two miles of both places will be retested after that.

The disease was thought to be spread by feral pigs. And officials said it was not bad enough for the state to lose its pseudo-rabies-free status.

Still, Michigan banned Wisconsin hog imports and special tests were ordered in Kansas. Those restrictions were still in place at last word.