Police and school officials say they've caught a 15-year-old student who wrote out a bomb threat in the River Falls High School bathroom last week Monday afternoon.

The boy attends the high school. The bomb threat was for the next day, Tuesday.

That Monday evening the student was questioned at his home in the presence of his parents by school-liaison officer Doug Rudesill and Assistant Principal Mike Johnson.

The student was suspended and will be referred to authorities in Pierce County Juvenile Court. River Falls Capt. John Stapleton said the school district will also hold an expulsion hearing.

The threat was scribbled in ink on a boy's bathroom wall. A teacher entering the bathroom happened to find the message about a half hour after school had let out for the day.

The note refers to bringing a bomb to school in a backpack and ends by saying, "This is not a joke."

Another student who was in the bathroom and saw what the suspect wrote reportedly laughed. He said the suspect quipped that school would probably be called off the next day when the message was found.

Stapleton said it appears the threatening note was merely a prank. However, he said the other student who saw what his companion had written has been suspended.

"The message here is that if you see something like this happen and don't tell anyone, there are consequences for you also," he said.

The suspect allegedly said he didn't plan writing the note before going into the bathroom.

Because the perpetrator was caught and there was no bomb, high school classes resumed without interruption last week Tuesday.

Superintendent Boyd McLarty said the case was quickly solved thanks to the coordinated response from police, the high school staff and visual evidence from the school's security cameras.

McLarty said the staffs at all of the district's schools were briefed about the bomb threat early the next morning. He added the schools also went "on alert" that day for suspicious activity.

A bomb scare was also reported at Hudson High School last week Monday during the school day.

That school was evacuated for 90 minutes while Hudson police and firefighters searched the building. Students and staff were moved to nearby St. Patrick's Catholic Church during the search.

River Falls firefighters and trucks provided backup to Hudson while the bomb scare incident was being investigated.