A stalled motorboat, out of gas and drifting down the Mississippi River, was struck by a barge Saturday, July 28, sending two people into the water near Red Wing Marina.

The 15-foot motorboat stalled around 1:12 p.m. and drifted down the river in a current when it collided with the tow boat Bill Stegbauer with six barges heading up river, according to a Goodhue County Sheriff's office news release. Two of three passengers in the motorboat entered the water.

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One passenger was thrown a floatation cushion by a nearby boater and rescued, while the other was submerged under the barge and surfaced on the other side, the news release states. The operator of the motorboat managed to climb onto the barge, then went into the water to help the passenger floating alongside.

The barge crew reportedly lowered a ladder down the side for the boaters to hold onto until authorities arrived.

Goodhue County deputies arrived by patrol boat and rescued the two boaters remaining in the water. The boaters were transported to a marina and checked for injuries by Red Wing first responders.

"The quick actions from local boaters, barge crew and rescue personnel prevented a tragic outcome," according to the Sheriff's office.

The crash is under investigation by the Water Patrol.