A squad car was damaged and an officer suffered minor injuries after an accident on westbound Interstate 94 bridge in the early morning hours on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

The squad car was struck while Hudson police officers responded shortly after 4 a.m. to two separate vehicles that had spun out, one of which struck the sidewall barrier near the Second Street entrance, Hudson Police Chief Geoff Willems said.

As officers were investigating the initial crash, another vehicle lost control as it entered onto I-94 and slammed into the squad car, totaling it, Willems said.

An officer inside the vehicle was taken to Regions Hospital for minor injuries, Willems said, and has since been released.

"He'll be out of work for the next week or two," Willems said.

Weather conditions and vehicles failing to move over led to the crash, Willems said. Vehicles that did not move over from the right lane for the initial crash left vehicles entering from Second Street with nowhere to go, Willems said.

Willems said drivers should remember to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles, as required by state law.

"Winter is here, start paying attention to the road conditions," he added.

The crash is being investigated by Wisconsin State Patrol.