A storm blew in, a sailboat blew over, but first responders came to the rescue Monday night.

The Goodhue County Sheriff's Office and the Red Wing and Lake City fire departments responded to a report of a capsized sailboat on Lake Pepin near Frontenac July 15. Lake City firefighters rescued the boat's captain, Timothy Gustafson of Welch.

Gustafson had been sailing on the lake when he saw storm clouds rolling in so he started for Lake City. According to the sheriff's department, Gustafson realized that he would not be able to beat the storm so he turned his boat toward the nearest shore. When he did so, the wind caused the boat to flip.

Gustafson sat on the hull of his upturned boat until he was brought to shore.

Monday's storm blew between 7:30 and 8 p.m. Goodhue County caught the edge, with Dakota County and the Twin Cities experiencing high winds and heavy rains.