Jeremiah Pike, 24, died Thursday, Feb. 10 at Gillette Children's Hospital in St. Paul after a brief illness.

Pike suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was 15 as the result of a car accident in Stillwater on Valentine's Day 2002. He was thrown from the vehicle. His sister Rachel was also in the car and received less serious injuries.

Pike was a freshman at Hudson High School at the time of his accident. Following treatment and therapy, he returned for a time to HHS but later transferred to a school in St. Paul that specialized in working with students with special needs.

Pike did attend the 2005 HHS graduation with his former classmates who gave him a standing ovation as his name was called.

In a letter to the editor following graduation, his mother, Melia Pike, wrote, "We didn't know if anyone would remember his name or what he has been through. ..when his name was called I clapped and I was quickly drowned out by his classmates giving him a standing 'O' as well as the rest of the audience. I could not hold back the tears."

Pike is survived by his parents, Bryan and Melia Pike of North Hudson and siblings, Ryan, Rachel, Benjamin, Rebecca and Dan.