Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman is warning area businesses of a scam where businesses are contacted and asked to send checks. In an email sent out to Red Wing businesses, Pohlman passed on information from Cannon Falls Police Chief Jeff McCormick.

A hotel in Cannon Falls was contacted Monday evening, Pohlman's email said. The person claimed to be hearing impaired and used a relay service and text messaging to contact the hotel.

After reserving a hotel room for five days, the person then asked the hotel employee to charge an additional $900 to his credit card to pay for catering fees. The person then asked the employee to send a check for $900 to an address, claiming that it was the address of his family's caterer.

The employee got suspicious and contacted Cannon Falls Police before sending any money.

"Luckily, the business is not out any money, but this may be tried with other businesses in our community," McCormick said.

Red Wing police may be contacted at 651-267-2600.