Washington County prosecutors say a Woodbury woman made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry while attending open-house showings.

Brooke Holly Menard, 19, was charged Sept. 19 with one count of felony theft.

According to a criminal complaint, police were alerted on Sept. 16 that someone had been going to open houses, stealing jewelry from the homes and pawning the items at different locations. In both instances, the thefts occurred at Woodbury homes – one in the 8000 block of Marsh Creek Alcove, the other in the 1800 block of Bowsen Lane.

Investigators identified Menard as the suspect after interviewing realtors and generating information about her vehicle.

“The real estate agents remembered speaking to (Menard) as she proceeded to go through the homes,” the complaint states.

Investigators then turned to different pawn shops, which confirmed Menard had pawned the stolen items, which were valued at a combined $5,000.

Police obtained a search warrant to access information from the GPS system in Menard’s vehicle, which indicated that she drove to open houses and then to pawn shops.

A second warrant was issued for Menard’s residence. She was home when the warrant was executed. Menard, who told police she is a heroin addict, admitted to thefts and to pawning the items, the complaint states.