For the second week in a row, the same pit bull allegedly chomped on and injured another pet dog.

This latest incident occurred Sunday evening, March 15, in the 800 block of Orange Street.

The pit bull’s owner is a 47-year-old man who has an apartment downtown. He says he only got the dog a few weeks ago.

A week earlier, his unleashed pit bull allegedly ran after a couple walking their aging white Samoyed along Riverwalk in the early morning and bit down on the dog’s head as it howled in pain.

The Samoyed’s owner whacked the pit bull with a knife to get it to release its bloody grip.

On Sunday, the pit bull broke free from his owner’s leash and bit a husky/lab mix on the head. The pit bull’s owner finally used a choke hold to get the dog to release its grip.

Both injured dogs both needed to be treated by a veterinarian.

The pit bull’s owner said his dog needs updated rabies shots.

In both incidents, police gave the man citations totaling $185. With the second attack, however, he has been told his dog can’t stay in the city.

If that doesn’t happen, police will petition the River Falls Municipal Court to have the dog declared “vicious” and forcibly removed.

Police also:

--Investigated a burglary to Lund’s Fly Shop, 102 N. Main St., last week during the night. A window was shattered. Things inside were knocked over, a cash drawer tampered with, but nothing appears to have been taken. No one’s been caught.

--Investigated vandalism at the vacant River Falls Motel, 1300 S. Main St., over the weekend. Door to rooms were found left open, others kicked in. Some rooms were damaged on the inside. Many discarded beer bottles were found outside and by the open doors.

There’s more in Police Beat. See the March 19 print issue of the River Falls Journal.