A New Richmond man out on bail in a Polk County sexual assault case beat his brother unconscious at a bar this week before going home, where police were forced to tase him into submission in front of his child.

Those are the allegations spelled out by prosecutors in a criminal complaint charging Demetrius Michael Hoglund with one count each of substantial battery, resisting an officer, felony bail jumping and misdemeanor bail jumping.

Hoglund was held on a $2,500 cash bond on Tuesday by St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge Eric Lundell.

The 23-year-old had been out on a $1,000 signature bond issued after a Sept. 1, 2014, incident, where he and another man -- 19-year-old River Falls resident Kevin S. Perry II -- were accused of raping a 14-year-old girl at an Amery underage drinking party.

Polk County prosecutors say the two left after assaulting another teen at the party, then allegedly returned to burglarize the house.

The night allegedly culminated in a St. Croix County crash, with Hoglund at the helm of the car and Perry being ejected and injured. Also ejected from the car were numerous video game devices allegedly stolen from the Amery home.

The most recent allegations against Hoglund stemmed from an incident first reported at 12:46 a.m. June 22 at Champs Bar in New Richmond, where workers there said a man was found unconscious.

According to a criminal complaint:

A New Richmond police officer arrived to find the victim lying on the ground of the bar’s outdoor smoking area with a head injury. The victim appeared to have lost a large amount of blood.

A female witness said the victim arrived with another man and they identified themselves as brothers at the bar, where they got into an argument.

After being told by staff to calm down, the victim and the suspect -- later identified as Hoglund -- went to the smoking area. Staff watching security monitors witnessed Hoglund strike the victim. He was later seen kicking him in the head.

A third man with the brothers in the smoking area attempted to intervene after watching Hoglund “stomp” on the victim’s head. That man told police he was placed in a choke hold and punched by Hoglund after attempting to intervene.

The victim became conscious and alert after officers arrived. He denied Hoglund’s involvement with his injuries, even after an officer said that video surveillance captured the entire assault.

The victim said he didn’t care what the cameras showed.

Police learned at 3 a.m. Monday that Hoglund’s sister had called from their Circle Pine Drive residence to report that his hand was bleeding uncontrollably.

Hoglund’s mother allowed police to enter the home and escorted them to the room where Hoglund’s son was sleeping.

“He’s in there,” the mother exclaimed after seeing Hoglund in the room.

An officer attempted to call out for backup and later learned the transmission wasn’t received.

Hoglund got up from the floor, started yelling and told the officer to leave the apartment.

The officer took out his Taser and warned Hoglund that it would be deployed if he didn’t follow his commands. Hoglund “further became upset and told me he couldn’t believe I would point a Taser at him with his 2-year-old son in the room.”

After being told loudly to exit the room, Hoglund put his hand in his pocket. The officer, Carlos de la Cruz, told Hoglund to show his hand.

“Carlos, I’m going to shoot you,” Hoglund responded, prompting de la Cruz to put out another call for help from other officers.

Still, the officer could tell by Hoglund’s sweatpants that he didn’t appear to have a gun in the pocket.

“I’m going to shoot you in the face,” Hoglund told de la Cruz.

Hoglund took two steps toward the officer and tried slamming the door shut. De la Cruz blocked the door and shot the Taser at Hoglund’s chest.

The shock dropped Hoglund to the floor. As another officer arrived, de la Cruz ordered Hoglund to stay on the ground. He ignored the order and stood up, prompting de la Cruz to tase him a second time.

Hoglund then asked the officer to stop, saying he was “done.”

Hoglund was cuffed and the child was removed from the room by police. As he was being led out, Hoglund scorned the officer, as well as his mother, for allowing police into the home.

He continued to bleed uncontrollably from the hand injury, which EMTs on the scene said needed immediate treatment -- especially since it had apparently been bleeding for about three hours.

Hoglund forcibly resisted EMTs by pulling away and kicking, threatening to harm anyone who touched him.

He was eventually brought to Westfields Hospital by another officer -- the only person Hoglund said he would allow to drive him.

Hoglund continued to resist treatment while at the hospital, kicking at staff and squeezing the hands of attending nurses.

A doctor there deemed the injury serious enough that Hoglund could not refuse treatment.

He was medicated and the wounds were treated.

Hoglund's preliminary hearing was being held Thursday in St. Croix County Circuit Court.