Woodbury police recently used a tracking device to apprehend a St. Paul woman and a man with no permanent address who allegedly stole and used credit cards from cars parked at the local YMCA.

Both of them were charged with four felony counts of aiding and abetting financial transaction card fraud.

Brittney Dominique Tyner, 22, is awaiting a Feb. 18 omnibus hearing in Washington County District Court.

Eric Edward Reed, 26, appeared in court last week and is due back on March 3.

According to the complaint:

From Dec. 21-30, 2015, thefts of credit cards occurred in the Woodbury YMCA and Bielenberg Sports Center parking lots. People in a car registered to Tyner made multiple attempts to use the cards at Walgreens, as well as SuperAmerica and BP gas stations.

On Dec. 21, their first attempted purchases totaled $2,936.65.

Surveillance cameras captured Reed and Tyner attempting to make purchases in Woodbury.

On Dec. 30, a stolen credit card was used to make several purchases in Ramsey County.

On Jan. 5, officers obtained a tracking warrant in Ramsey County, they installed a tracking device on Tyner’s 2003 Buick Century, and a surveillance operation ensued.

A police detective witnessed Reed break a vehicle window and steal a purse at LA Fitness in Oakdale. He got into the car with Tyner, they drove to a Walgreens along White Bear Avenue, Tyner entered and exited the store, and Reed threw away a purse in a nearby dumpster.

Police stopped the suspects, located the credit card taken from LA Fitness under the vehicle headliner in front of the passenger seat. A screwdriver was located in the rear passenger door pocket.

Reed and Tyner have significant criminal histories - notably Reed’s 2014 felony conviction for motor vehicle theft, and Tyner’s 2015 felony conviction for credit card fraud.