ELLSWORTH -- A competency hearing has been scheduled for a Missouri man nearly a year after he allegedly killed his roofing coworker using a circular saw.

Pierce County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Boles could determine on Sept. 4 if 25-year-old Miguel A. F. Navarro is competent to aid in his own defense against one charge of first-degree intentional homicide and a second charge of mayhem.

Israel Valles-Flores of St. Louis died Aug. 6, 2018, when Navarro allegedly attacked him with a Milwaukee circular saw while on a roofing job at W10087 County Road FF in River Falls.

According to the criminal complaint, the other workers including Valles-Flores were teasing Navarro about his previous relations with a woman before Navarro attacked.

A provisional autopsy revealed Valles-Flores sustained 10 sharp-force injuries on multiple areas of the body including the neck and face.

At an Aug. 2 motion hearing, discussion surrounding the defendant’s request for recusal centered on revisions made by Boles to Navarro’s initial appearance transcript.