A Woodbury man spent 66 days in jail for breaking the deadbolted door to his ex-girlfriend's St. Paul Park home while he was looking for his garage door opener.

Michael James Schommer, 42, was sentenced June 8 for felony first-degree burglary. He was credited with 66 days in jail. Washington County District Judge Richard Ilkka issued a stay of execution for Schommer's remaining 27-month sentence, and Schommer was placed on probation for five years.

According to the complaint:

The couple had been in a relationship, but Schommer hadn't lived with the woman nor did he have a key to her residence. Schommer and the woman broke up Oct. 29, 2013. Since then, Schommer repeatedly called his ex-girlfriend's phone and she blocked his number through her phone service provider.

On Nov. 2, 2013, Schommer went to his ex-girlfriend's house, in the 1600 block of Pullman Avenue, four times, knocking on multiple doors and ringing the doorbell, before he broke into the residence by shouldering a deadbolted door. She heard the door frame break while she was in the shower.

He was looking for his garage door opener. But he also wanted closure, he told her, taking her cellphone. Schommer told police she let him look at it and he stepped outside to do so. Five minutes later he returned to the residence, through the broken door, and accused her of cheating on him and keeping the evidence on her phone.

Angry, Schommer threw the phone, smashing it beyond repair.

"I told you never to lie to me," Schommer said.

He left and returned again, demanding the garage door opener. She said she didn't know where it was.

Two other incidents prior to the couple's breakup were reported to police: Schommer allegedly broke the woman's bedroom window, and he allegedly damaged her truck by letting the air out of the tires and by damaging the ignition lock.

Schommer admitted to police he shouldn't have broken the door.

"I was really upset," he told police. "It was a really good relationship that went sour."