Police recently received information that people all over Woodbury are being abducted by aliens.

A 66-year-old called Woodbury Public Safety at 4:07 p.m. Sept. 1 to report suspicious activity from six days earlier, when she heard someone breaking into her condo along Parkwood Drive.

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"She knows why but won't tell me," according to the Woodbury Public Safety initial complaint report (ICR) released last week. "Said they want her, not any of her belongings."

The complainant lives on the third floor of the building, where there are no stairs to her deck.

On Aug. 26, she heard the opening of her deck door and then footsteps.

She waited it out.

The sound of footsteps faded. Nothing was missing or disturbed, according to police, and there was no damage or forced entry.

The complainant, who eventually identified herself as the president of a UFO society in Wisconsin, "told me that she is regularly abducted by UFOs, and now the humans are drugging her and abducting her to find out what the aliens want and know," according to police.

In August, she was drugged and abducted by an unknown person because she "has knowledge," she said in the report. A male and female drugged her, abducted her and returned her to her bed.

Prior to that, she was drugged and lying on the floor, when a female crouched next to her, the complainant told police.

She asked police what they were going to do about the situation, and police suggested putting a bar on her sliding glass door.