Two Hudson, Wis., men are facing felony charges in Minnesota in connection with the sex trafficking of a homeless woman.

Dustin Jeffery Arthur Heichert, Adam James Krimpelbein and a 31-year-old prostitute arrived at a Woodbury hotel after brokering an agreement to sell sex to a man who turned out to be an undercover Woodbury police officer, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim is listed as a missing person under civil commitment, Woodbury police said in the complaint.

Heichert, 30, and Krimpelbein, 32, were arrested Jan. 5 at Extended Stay America and appeared in Washington County District Court the next day to each face one felony count of aiding and abetting sex trafficking of an individual.

A judge set bail at $150,000 with conditions or $250,000 without conditions for Heichert.

Krimpelbein is being held on $500,000 bail. He is due back in court Jan. 19, the day after Heichert's next court appearance is scheduled.

According to the complaint:

When Krimpelbein met the victim, she wanted to drink and party, but he didn't offer her any free booze, Krimpelbein told police. She would have to "give it up," he said, if she wanted to drink.

All three of them were broke and they evenly split the proceeds from prostitution, Krimpelbein said.

Heichert wrote the text for the ads, Krimpelbein posted them online, and the communication with the undercover officer came from Krimpelbein's phone.

Heichert then drove Krimpelbein and the victim to appointments in Stillwater and Hudson, and he was behind the wheel during a sting operation Jan. 5 at Extended Stay America in Woodbury.

An ad in the City of Woodbury section of now-defunct had offered an "early bird special" on escorts, "freaky as you wanna be."

The phone number and email tracked to a Facebook account based in Hudson, which showed connections to Chicago and Milwaukee and was suspected by Woodbury police to be involved in commercial sex trafficking.

Washington County Sheriff's Office and Oakdale police teamed up with Woodbury on the sting operation, with a Woodbury police officer text messaging the phone number, offering money from sex at the hotel.

Two men and a woman arrived by car, then - just as the officer had requested - a text message let the officer know the prostitute was there.

The victim entered a south entrance to the hotel and confirmed she was there to meet, and the officer identified himself as law enforcement.

The woman's phone continuously rang throughout the conversation between the officer and the victim, and the officer observed the call was coming from the Facebook profile of Krimpelbein.

When the passenger exited the vehicle and walked toward the south entrance, he and the driver were detained.