Ethan Paul Quirt, 40, of Minneapolis spent 182 days in the Washington County jail before sentencing for gross misdemeanor receiving stolen property.

In December 2015 he stole a truck from a man who was working in Afton. Quirt parked his vehicle, asked for a ride to Minneapolis, was told to drive his own car to Minneapolis, and responded that if he starts his car it will blow up.

After a 911 call about an armed man raising a ruckus, Quirt was arrested by St. Croix County Sheriff's Office deputies at a Woodville, Wis., gas station. He had 10 credit cards, three pieces of mail, a newspaper, an interior home rug, a clipboard from the St. Croix County Sheriff's Office front desk, signs and posters from the sheriff's office lobby and small flags used to mark buried power lines.

The owner of the vehicle had left his .40-caliber Smith and Wesson M&P handgun in the center console of the truck, when the owner had stepped out of the truck and Quirt jumped in and left with it.

Though originally charged with felonies in St. Croix and Washington counties, Quirt pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor receiving stolen property. In Washington County District Court, he was credited for his time in jail and the remainder of his one-year jail sentence was stayed, pending compliance with the court order to pay fines and restitution in excess of $2,500, comply with probation requirements, and go to treatment.