Woodbury Public Safety cited a New Richmond, Wis., man for disorderly conduct and fourth-degree damage to property after the Smashburger employee threw things in the restaurant kitchen and dented a vehicle in the parking lot.

Garrison Tyler Jepsen, 24, became upset while employees were cleaning the kitchen after closing time Jan. 25. He was yelling and swearing, and when the manager told him not to talk like that, he threw items and created a large mess.

"The subject was yelling and swearing in a belligerent manner, to the point that the manager was very offended, alarmed, disturbed and scared due to his behavior," police wrote in the initial complaint report.

A witness saw Jepsen trashing the kitchen, she said, and she told police she was scared, too.

Jepsen proceeded to storm out of the restaurant, and angrily slam his door of his red Chevrolet Cavalier into the witness' white Toyota, leaving a dent marked in red paint.

He sped off.

Police were called at 10:03 p.m., and Jepsen was trespassed from the restaurant.

Contacted by phone, Jepsen told police that he "blacked out" and that the manager "shouldn't have talked to him like that," according to the ICR. He admitted he had a temper and that he threw things in the restaurant.

He reluctantly provided his address, and was mailed the ticket and trespass notice.