A convicted thief came to Tamarack Village and picked the pocket of a young Woodbury woman before using the stolen credit card in Roseville to the tune of $470.

Alberta Clark, 50, of Coon Rapids pleaded guilty to felony theft. She was sentenced to 90 days of electronic home monitoring and five years of supervised probation. An additional two-year prison sentence was stayed, so long as Clark complies with the terms of probation. She agreed Feb. 16 to pay restitution.

On Dec. 7, 2015, at Gordmans in Woodbury, Clark repeatedly bumped the young woman in an uncrowded store, which the young woman found suspicious.

When the young woman noticed her wallet was missing from her purse, she asked Clark: "Have you seen my wallet?"

"I didn't even bring my purse in," Clark said. "You probably left it somewhere."

Then, Clark and two females with her left the store in a 2005 Crown Victoria, a retired police interceptor.

One hour, 20 minutes later, the young woman called police to report her credit card had been used at Walgreens in Roseville to make a $470.84 purchase. Walgreens provided photographs of the two females with Clark at Gordmans using the credit card.

The car belonged to the ex-husband of one of the females. Police spoke with the ex-wife, who changed her story multiple times. She admitted being at Gordmans and Walgreens, according to the criminal complaint against Clark.

The victim identified Clark in a photo lineup, with 95 percent certainty.

Clark was convicted of felony theft twice in 2008, and convicted of felony financial transaction card fraud twice in 2013, and once each in 2011 and 2004.