On Thursday, Aug. 10, the Douglas family woke to find three of their cars had been vandalized during the night while parked in their driveway at 687 Cottage Lane.

X's were scratched into the doors of the vehicles - a 2015 Chevy pickup, a 2008 BMW and a 2013 Hyundai Sonata - and scratches were also found on the hoods and quarter panels.

No other suspicious activity was reported in the area, according to St. Croix County Sheriff Scott Knudson. Kristine Douglas said she now wonders if the family was targeted.

"We just feel really violated and terrible," she said.

Until now, Douglas said she and her family have always felt comfortable and safe in the neighborhood.

"It was shocking because it was terrible to think somebody possibly doing something that was a personal attack, that it wasn't just a random act," she said.

The total damage to the vehicles is estimated at $8,000, Knudson said.

The Douglas family is offering a reward of $1,500 to anyone who contacts the sheriff's department with valid information, which will be taken anonymously.

Douglas said she wants to hold those responsible liable for the damage, and she wants to know what it was about.

"It might be comforting to know it's random," she said.